Those who know the future build the present,  those who know the past build the future. That’s the way it is and that’s how it will be.  This is a story about the days when the world changed, the money died and the capitalists were jerking furiously in their attempts to stop the unrelenting future. Not all of those who were part of this process realised the true nature of what was happening, not all  knew the laws and logic of the change,  but all of them felt it and while some welcomed it others were afraid of it because they couldn’t see and the unknown made them be afraid.

Many asked themselves the question- What is going on? But few were capable of answering.  The world was divided into two parts –  those who were afraid they would lose their privileges and those  who were afraid they would lose the safety of their servile status. Both parts wanted to preserve the status quo without realising that the incoming change was a natural process, that it was not possible for what was happening not to happen, and the huge problem that prevented them from realising the nature of the change was the speed at which it was happening.

But what was actually happening? – Money was losing its meaning, it was becoming useless and unnecessary.  Money had played its role, it had given its share for the development of mankind and  was about to take its part in the museum of human history. But that was a difficult process. It was hard for people to realise  that what had been the centre of human civilization for thousands of years was already unnecessary. That what was until yesterday considered a benefit is the present day condemnation, and what was yesterday’s incentive is today’s  restraint.

Chaos! While money was dying, while Capital was jerking, the ignorant argued among themselves about the way it should be used and distributed. Oh, blind people, arguing around the coffin of a dead man, about the way to resurrect him! How many of you lost their lives without noticing that  what you were fighting for was already dead?  But maybe that was inevitable! The crisis came at the moment when the first stage of globalization was fulfilled, when all the obstacles in front of the Capital were gone and it moved rapidly from place to place, trying to escape the pursuing death.    Many considered those movements in all parts of geography to be useful, that they preserved the Capital and made it grow. And so it seemed. But actually the movement was a flight. And the moment this flight would stop, the Capital would be doomed – it would shrivel and die. So those who owned it were constantly inventing new mechanisms and new places for the Capital to grow. They invented a whole new virtual world which they thought would save them and help their capital grow continually and thus would guarantee their power over life, but alas, their hopes were dashed. Every time the Capital stopped its movement, certain that this time it had found a safe place, it swelled beyond measure and eventually burst, revealing its hollow entity and destroying millions of human fates.

The change was first felt where the most of money was stored. It was exactly those countries which were known for their wealth that first felt its end. The decline of Capital boded the advent of Utopia, but the blind saw only what their meagre imagination was covering with the veil of ignorance. They remained in the mist of their manipulated thinking and their own horror intoxicated them.  They didn’t realise that Money was losing its meaning, because their labour was becoming unnecessary. They were prisoners to the false belief that their labour was unnecessary because of the lack of Money, while actually there was money enough and Money was even created  only by pressing a few keys on the computer keyboard. It was just that there was no need of money anymore. Mankind had begun to liberate itself from the necessity of labour. Mankind was on its way to get rid of the thousand-year-old yoke as well as of the Money as the material measurement of and remuneration for labour, but not realising this, mankind fought for preserving its slavish status.

It was exactly the decrease of need of human labour that led to this rapid change,to the lose of meaning of Money. But many saw in the incoming new dimension of human Freedom, a threat for their existence. They did not understand the natural flow of development, they did not realise that by eliminating the need of human labour there will be no need of the existence of Money. Those who owned the Capital acclaimed the interment of human labour, rejoicing at the fact that they wouldn’t have to pay for it, but they didn’t realise that thus they would bury their own money and make their own wealth useless. Those who served the owners of the Capital were afraid that soon they would be taken out of their slavery of labour and thus would be left without Money. They didn’t see the discrepancies in the world surrounding them, discrepancies which had  risen because of the unnatural support of the role of Money. Wasn’t the world full of goods, products, commodities, sufficient enough for meeting the needs of the whole mankind? Many starved to death while just metres away the shelves were full of goods for which there was no customer. Many froze to death or died of illnesses because they lived in poverty while just metres away residential buildings were becoming desolate as there was no one to buy them. And in between, as an invisible  barrier, there stood the Money.

Development of science and technology played a bad trick on the capitalists. They didn’t realise that the more the decrease of need of human labour was, the more the decrease of the role of Money in society was.  Money served those who worked but their number was going down while efficiency of labour was increasing. Each innovation which was taking away the need of human activity, was a new blow on the meaning of Money. Capitalists wanted to keep on accumulating capital, but somehow they didn’t realise that by throwing people out on the street, this was not possible to happen. They were still slaves to the belief that money could be gained by producing consumer goods and services, while indeed the profit was possible to gain only if  peopled performed labour  for which they got paid less then the real price. Money were the embodiment of  stealing the labour and capitalists didn’t comprehend that when they throw out those who they were taking from, there would be no one left to steal from.

Realisation cost a lot of victims. Finally people realised they were free, that they had got rid of the final burden which oppressed the development of human spirit – the necessity of performing labour for money. An array of thinkers had dreamt of the ideal state, had created Utopias which required slaves for being built and now their Utopias became true due to the fact that  man no longer had to be a slave of labour. New technology granted men with the whole time of their life and they could use it the way it suited them. Machines with artificial intelligence  replaced  men in the field of labour. Machines that could maintain each other. Machines replaced the slaves in the puzzle of creating the Utopia, that’s why they were called Robots. Robots killed the Money, destroyed the Capital and granted men with Freedom.

Now people had the whole time bestowed on them so that they could devote to whatever they wanted. With the disappearance of money, there disappeared the idea of ownership. Everyone got what they needed for their life. Crimes caused by want disappeared as the entire outcome of robots’ labour was equally distributed among people.

   Life expectancy increased immensely. The main occupation of people was education, which they practiced constantly according to their vocation. Everyone was free to develop in whichever sphere they wanted. Mankind  was making progress in science and its apprehension of the Universe led by curiosity and hunger for self-knowledge, not by self-interest.  Ideas were not guarded as a potential source of wealth, instead they were shared and openly discussed. Architects created not for the sake of profit, but to share their inner world, ideas, thoughts and feelings with as many people as possible. It was just now that they discovered what a barrier Money was to their spirit.

This new world had its problems of course, but they were solved not according to the necessity of gaining profit and financial stability, but on the foundation of profound debate on the moral and  ethical side of the problem. But this is the subject of another story…