Have you forgotten who we are, what we are and how we came to be what we are. It’s the poor people who are our wealth. The greatest their number, the wealthier we are. Because the source of our wealth is not the money we own, nor the factories or any other of our properties but the labour of hard-working poor people. Labour, which we buy with the money we print, at the price we designate. Is it possible you have forgotten that?

Remind yourselves  how many efforts and how much time it took your ancestors to destroy private property and thus forced those whose wealth was reduced to only their physical body work instead of us, for us, for remuneration sufficient enough to keep them alive, but not enough to free them from their dependency on us. There is no bigger joke than the fact that exactly capitalism, which the masses perceive as the defender of private property, actually destroys it.

It was the capitalism we built that killed private property, depriving man of the possibility to meet their daily needs all by themselves or work for themselves, not for payment. Hand in hand with competition, Capital kills the resistance of those who want to earn their living with their own labour.  Today, gentlemen, we have made this impossible. Today no one can be in possession of any property if they count only on their own labour.  Today we are the owners of the property exactly because the rest have to sell us their labour. Everyone, working for remuneration, is our property and we can order them about the way we want. Today, gentlemen, the property we acquired by exploiting other people’s labour, has became the only possible private property. Today, none can work for themselves, produce by means of own labour and thus get rich – forget about it, that is in the past.

 Today, when our property is sufficiently protected, we could more easily live without money rather than without poor people, because who is going to do the whole work…? Of course it is to our benefit to protect the workers we need from death by hunger, but they mustn’t get anything that could be saved or is worth saving. The only possibility for them to advance from their  miserable situation would be the exceptional diligence and malnutrition, but that is hardly achievable.  Our benefit demands that the biggest part of the poor never remain unoccupied even if they have to work at two or three jobs and even so they have to spend entirely what they receive as payment… Nothing else compels people to serving as their needs. Needs, which we should wisely moderate but unwisely satisfy. The only thing that could make the men diligent, is the moderate wage. Meagre wages make them cowardly and desperate, big wages make them impudent and lazy… From all of the above we know that in a democratic nation, where slavery is banned, the most certain wealth are the  masses of hard-working poor people.

Gentlemen, we owe our state of independence entirely to other people’s labour and not to our own abilities, which we know are no better than the abilities of the rest. It is not the ownership of land and money that makes us different from them, but the control over labour.  The delusion of money we have created is  impenetrable for the working class. They cannot  fathom that in the form of money we give them notes for acquiring part of the labour, which  they have executed and we have appropriated. They constantly give us back these very same notes and in return they receive from us  what we consider is their share of their own product.

Today, gentlemen, we are in the fortunate situation of accumulating incredible profit, profit that our ancestors didn’t even dream of.  We know that when the situation is desperate for the poor, when they are on the brink of survival, it’s exactly then that our profits are highest. Now, that this miserable class is jerking in the hands of the crisis and utters wails against us , now is the moment for us to squeeze out of them everything we can, because it’s them  who depend on us not vice versa,  as some people think. Now we can reduce wages even below the living standard exactly because of the multitude of this desperate mass of people, deprived of the possibility to work for us.  We shouldn’t get our wits addled by the death of the poor. This is a natural process, a process that we have to gain the most of in the name of our profits, in the the name of the Capital. That’s how it is in nature –  everything that is unnecessary , weak or cannot compete with its surroundings, dies. Who are we to stay on the way of this purgative process.

The more the unemployed, the greater is the fear among employees and more loyal and hard-working they are. There is no need for us to compel them to work, they increase their efficiency by themselves when hearing the wails of those left unemployed and fearing their competition.  When they need to be unite in order to survive, their fear makes them embittered and distrustful of one another and our interference to prevent this unification from happening is not necessary.

This is why our task is not to allow this class to get rich and work for itself, because we know that capital is capital and it only grows when other people’s labour is used.

If we leave everyone earn their living by their own labour and sell its result  on the market or directly consume it, thus satisfying their own needs, capitalism will disappear. Do not feel sorry for the poor,  be glad about them, they are our guarantee for happiness. We know that in order to be happy  and the people to be satisfied , even in times of poverty, it is necessary for the majority to be left ignorant and poor. Knowledge broadens and multiplies their needs. And the less a man wants, the easier it is for their needs to be satisfied.

Of course when it comes to satisfying needs, we have given the poor the opportunity to imagine that they are capable of having everything we have – our houses, our women, our pleasures, but that’s just an illusion whose roots are in the first derivative of money-  namely the interest. They get the  ephemeral chance to satisfy their reveries but at an incredible price. Making advantage of the money we prudently lend them on credit, a credit which they take due to the insufficient payment  they get , we nail them to the necessity of selling their labour.  We guarantee ourselves that their labour will be at our disposal, that they will respond uncomplainingly to any of our calls for years on till the end of their lives. And the fate of those who have taken from our money for interest but are no longer needed, either because of their old knowledge or because of saturation of the labour market due to the relative overpopulation, its their fate that will serve as a scarecrow to the rest.  Where are our ancestors now to see how we have replaced the whip for the interest!

It is amazing that these submissive and foolish masses don’t realize they themselves consolidate  their slave situation willingly and even with gratitude for the chance that has been given to them.

If we consider wage labour as the condition for accumulating our capital, it is the money on credit that is our guarantee, our insurance that this labour will be ours till the end of time. Every single note that we put in the banks we own demands interest, interest which can be obtained only by labour. And this is labour whose price is defined by us, just as we determine the interest. And here is the place, gentlemen, where I could proudly declare that today the interest  due to be paid to us is such a number, that  at the current level of payment  it guarantees our ownership over labour till the world turns.  Today, anyone who practices labour, in one form or another, no matter if they have taken a credit or not, if they have deposited money in a bank or have resisted the temptation and have not got involved in any financial relationship with the banks, today they works for acquitting those interests, whether they want it or not.

Anyone, who deposits money in a bank makes a slave of someone else who has to work out the interest that was promised them, even though they have never heard about the deposit or the bank itself. We are the only ones who take advantage of this financial mechanism – firstly by making sure we possess their labour and secondly by them willingly giving us the money we paid them for their labour, supposedly for safe-keeping and profit but in fact, again and again we give this money back to them but against a huge interest in the form of “advantageous “ credits.  Advantageous for us. The ignorance of masses is strength in our hands. Oh, how wonderful the world of capital is when it’s in your hands! And how miserable are the attempts of the doomed to imitate us using the instruments we created and whose real nature remains hidden for their eyes.  What a cartoon of capitalists are those who think that their bank deposits guarantee them dependable income, while at the same time the only thing they do is provide us with the opportunity to enslave them for ever.

Whenever I give my self in to boredom, I allow myself to reveal the truth about the desperate situation in which anyone who works for wage is, about  their complete dependance on our whims , irrespective of the level of payment, by dismissing someone and depriving them of the  income that was the foundation of their pathetic existence. To see the face and emotions of one of those pathetic little men who has imagined he is the owner of his life when his world collides, is the greatest pleasure for me. It is delightful to see how they realize that once they have started working for wages, once they have started to sell their labour, they have actually sold themselves in slavery and will always depend on our whims and how nevertheless they would gladly do anything to get back to their previous pathetic but secure position.

This is it, gentlemen, poor ones are our wealth and the interest is the chain that keeps them bound to us till the end of time. Amen!