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So you, Mr. d’Anconia, you think that money is a guarantee for freedom and defenders of morality? said Chergar (Nomad). But have you ever asked yourself how those who possess the power and the bankers control society by means of the control they have on money? Nowadays money is a tool of exchange which can exist without any  goods produced or men able to producing them. Nowadays money is printed before the goods that are going to be bought with it get manufactured and is spent before it gets earned with sweat on the brow.  Nowadays money is the tool of the moochers who claim your product by tears  or the looters who take it away from you by force. Nowadays money is not created by the men who produce but the politicians, governments and financial institutions which decide what the value of your effort will be according to their own financial concerns. Nowadays money is virtual. Your future and the future of your children is bought with it by placing you in fields with different numbers and making stakes whether you will manage to work out what you have already spent before having manufactured it.  In this game you are the certain loser, your effort has already been sold, your freedom- chained, your money is no longer yours- it’s been given to you as a loan against a high interest. The interest- it’s your life.

When you accept money as remuneration for your effort, you do so on the conviction that you will exchange it for the product of the effort of others but have you asked yourself who says what the value of your effort should be? That’s not you, nor any of the others who toil every day. The value of your effort is determined by the banks and the governments which decide when and how much of the freshly-printed money they will put into circulation. You may work industriously all your life and eventually they could devalue your work in just a second by pushing the start button of the printing machine or pressing the ENTER button on the keyboard on their desks, creating billions of electronic impulses, which nowadays replace even more and more the paper money. The marauders of our time, disguised as politicians and bankers, pretending to serve the society, are those who  determine the value of money.  Nowadays they distribute in their sole discretion the money you have worked for and will work for in the future. They take loans on your behalf and  do “charity” on your behalf and at your expense. For their own sake  they give out your money to any madding crowd beneath their windows,  to anyone yelling that the state takes no care of them.  Your money sink into the ocean of tears of the illiterate, uneducated and talentless, of the idlers and constantly complaining of their fate punks, of anyone ready to sell their vote to support the ruling marauders. Is this what you consider good?

Yes, I claim that nowadays money is gained by the powerful at the expense of the weak, by the slackers at the expense of those who work, by the tricky at the expense of the intelligent, by the slugs at the expense of the honest.

Nowadays well-being is not the product of man’s ability to think but their ability to crawl and  offer   themselves to the rulers of the day. You have been turned into a hostage of their pseudo-democracy, their laws, public acts, provisions, clauses, terms and conditions, regulations, licenses, taxes, permits and an array of papers whose sole purpose is to guarantee that the money from your effort will go into their pockets and that there will be not a single coin that you have worked out that will remain entirely yours. You have been turned into a slave – a slave forced to work for their benefit  until you die and your children, if any, will take over to provide for the “Printers”.   Nowadays money gets plundered before it gets worked out – worked out  with the efforts of every honest man  in accordance with their personal abilities. At present the politicians, bankers and their servants consume more than what you and your children can produce. Today they spend the money of your future and you still don’t realise it.

Nowadays honest trade has been replaced by making high profits at all costs. The prices of goods are not determined by the value of effort, their quality or the creativity put into their creation but the thirst for quick profit. Money has been turned into an end in itself, set on a pedestal above the ability to compose and create.  Nowadays in exchange for your money you are offered junk-goods. Junk goods that kill by pseudo-competition the real quality products created by the interaction  of intelligent mind and skillful hands.  Today you have no choice despite of the illusion that you are flooded with offers for the things you could buy with the money, which are left in your hands only by grace, because your money have no value and for the value that is determined by the Printers you could afford only the junk assigned for the slaves.

Of course money is only a tool but this tool is not in your hands. You have no idea how it works, who manipulates it and how it’s used. Money has turned into a bliss for the people who wanted to  invert the causality – the people who wanted to buy themselves pleasures and tangible property before they deserved them by working for them. They managed to make you think that you could do the same thing but they didn’t tell you that eventually you and your children will have to pay their bills too, because they are those who define the rules and model what happens.

For the sake of money people violate their principles, they sell their human entity in search for pleasure and happiness but they find it hard to define what happiness is. With money today the ineffective man buys himself respect, the tricky one buys power and the stupid one-slaves. Nowadays the Printers use money to purchase the brains of their superiors  so that they could serve them and thus become victims of mediocrity. Is this the reason why you call them a good?

Only a man who is capable of creating real goods that can be used by all other people and who relies in life on  his/her intelligence and the fruit of his/her effort, only that man is able to break himself free from the grasp of the Printers. It’s not the money that creates goods but the mind. Only the people who don’t sell their future for the Printers’ devalued pieces of paper can control their lives today. That thing, though, has become harder and harder to achieve. Money has turned from  means for survival into means for enslavement. Deceit has become the primary way for reaching the so craved money. In the name of money people offer themselves to the service of human vices and stupidity. They please the fools in hope to get more than their abilities deserve. They lower their standards,  do work they disdain for employers they despise. As a result the money they get don’t make them happy even for a second but remind them of their own acquiescence to put up with the humiliation they are subdued to in the name of their slavish survival. And you call this money a good?

Money is no longer the effect but the cause. Money nowadays is not the product of virtues but vices. With the money today, the Printers could buy themselves what they would have never had the chance to acquire due to their own abilities, intelligence or efforts. Is this the root of your love for money?

Let me give you a hint about revealing human characters: the one who offers you money for interest before you have worked it out is a man who wants to enslave you, make you work for him till the rest of your life and shift upon you the necessity to work;   the one who refuses to take the money before he has done the work is a man who knows himself and his talents and respects his and your freedom.

Run for your life from any man who tells you that you can spend today what you could work out tomorrow. The sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter. In one of his hands he is offering you money while gloating secretly in his mind about buying your future, in his other hand, hidden behind his back,  holding the gun that he is ready to point at you when some day, due to the laws he passed and the money he gave you, you become his  private property.

Nowadays money demands of you the highest forms of deceit, guile and man-hatred in case you want to gain and multiply it. People with no courage, pride or self-respect , people who have no ethical sense for their right to own their money, are the servants of today’s ruling top, which assigns the value of your effort.

You can see that nowadays you are ruled by people with double standards – they live by violence, falsely disguised in the form of laws, and  rely that the value of the money seized will be created by those who work and trade their effort. In a normal society these are the criminals and laws get written to protect you from them. Nowadays criminals rule you by rights and marauders hide behind the law. These marauders think it’s safe to rob and enslave the defenseless  once they have passed a law to disarm them and this is achieved due to the power they acquired by manipulating the value of money and consequently the value of your effort.  And here comes a day in which you realize they have managed to turn you into their slaves.

Do you wish  to know whether that day is coming? Watch money!  Money is the barometer of corruption in society. When you see that trading is done done not by consent but by compulsion, when you see that in order to produce you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing, when you see that money ис фловинг to those who deal,  not in goods, but favours, when you see that  certain people get richer  by means of bribes not by work, and the laws don’t protect  you against them but protect them against you, when you see that corruption gets rewarded and honesty gets mocked at then you should know that this day has come, your freedom has been taken away and you have been turned into silent, uncomplaining machines for the benefit of those who rule the Money and its value.

Whenever destroyers appeared among men, they start by reaffirming money as the supreme value. A “value” cherished more than  honesty, labour, intelligent mind and Freedom. They try to embed into your mind that money has the defining role for the value of your life, that your self-esteem depends on ownership of money, that your knowledge means nothing compared to the value of money, that money could replace the necessity to work, think and develop,  that money gives you the opportunity to enjoy life without making any efforts. And then, just in a second, those people take away from you the money they loaned you, take away your self-esteem, your future, your Freedom due to your blind faith that money is the driving force of today’s World.

We are at the threshold of a new Age. The Age when knowledge increases with an immense speed and information spreads out instantaneously.  New inventions liberate more and more people from the burden of physical effort and give them the chance to practice their thinking.  Money is losing its importance on account of knowledge. Those who have control on money lose their power and make frantic efforts to keep themselves on top at the expense of turning billions of people into slaves- slaves of the monetary system controlled by the Printers. It depends on us whether we will take advantage of the Knowledge to throw off the power of Money and those who have control on it.


P.S.: As a foundation of this speech I have used the speech of Francisco d’Anconia from Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” as well as thoughts caused by the works of Alvin Toffler. I know that many of the admirers of  Rand will rise against such interpretations but I hope they won’t be blind followers of unattainable ideals. It is good that we derive ideas from minds such as Rand and Toffler but it is also good that we rationalize them. This world doesn’t need blind followers.  They serve only to achieve slave fate.